The following packing suggestions are general guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns that not described or covered in this material, feel free to call and ask. 

Your  Valuables :

Please separate any valuable items (jewelry, photo albums, valuable artwork, any antiques, etc) into a separate box or container that  you will personally transport to your new place.  Make sure that all your prescription  pills,  any legal documents, mail, and/or any other documents/items that contain your personal information are in your possession all the time.  

Initial Packing: 

 If you are planning to do packing yourself, make sure that all the items are properly wrapped and protected from breakage or scratching. Make sure that you line the bottom with a few inches of padding, either newsprint or bubble wrap will work, especially if you are packing a fragile items.  Make sure to use the right packing material for the right item; for example, it is advised to use paper/newsprint to protect all your glassware. Any fragile items must be wrapped in paper individually.

Use a right kind of packing tape,  we recommend using PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) tape  that should be available in any moving supplied stores.  We recommend not to apply tape on any of the surfaces of your items, especially on a wood finished furniture. It is very difficult to remove the tape and can damage the finished surface. 

Make sure that your boxes are not too heavy and its a  manageable weight. Always put heavier items in your small box and light bulky items in a larger box. Over-packing will not allow your moving crew to properly  stack boxes on the truck and will cause a lot of damage. 

Small and heavy items such as books, CD's, the tools in your garage should be packed in a small boxes (preferably 1.5 cu.ft box) 

Furniture such as sofas, dining table, chairs, headboard, or any items that are not boxed will be protected using specially designed moving blankets and shrink-wrapped. 

  For transporting large mirrors, paintings and/or glass furniture's tops the best thing is to crate the items by using bubble wrap and cartons. 


Make sure that all boxes are marked correctly and make sure to identify which room it's designated for.  It will be essential for you to identify the boxes that you will need right away. 

The way you pack and organize your belongings will affect both speed of your move and the condition in which they will be delivered to your new home.